Fieldwire API (link)


What is Fieldwire

Fieldwire is a San Francisco-based construction technology that provides a leading platform for jobsite management that powers more than a million jobsites worldwide. Founded in 2013, Fieldwire has built a strong presence in North America and managed to expand internationally into Europe and Asia Pacific, while building market-specific features that enable customers to improve field productivity. Fieldwire is presently supporting thousands of clients to better manage their jobsites digitally by offering a software solution that is reliable, easy to use, has a wide range of features and is also device-agnostic. It is used by general and specialty contractors alike and is known for its field-first approach to productivity.

The Hilti Group has done a strategic acquisition of Fieldwire with the aim of bringing together Fieldwire’s best-in-class product and Hilti’s global brand and market reach to help drive productivity at contractors and on construction sites.

Fieldwire API

Fieldwire provides an Open RESTful API to customers on the premier plan, or who have added API access to their Pro/Business plan in conjunction with the sales team. The Fieldwire’s API allows users to do anything that you can do in the Fieldwire user interface (and more), but with coding. Some popular ways Fieldwire’s customers use the API are to bulk import existing project data from other systems to Fieldwire when making the switch to our platform, synchronize data between other software platforms and Fieldwire, automatically copy Fieldwire plans and documents to their own servers and analyze large amounts of data across multiple Projects. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The complete porfolio of Fieldwire API is found on the (Fieldwire Developer Hub), along with very well documented authentication policies and API references.