Onboarding and authorization

OAuth 2.0 for ON!Track Unite

The authorization protocol used in the context of ON!Track Unite is OAuth 2.0. In general, OAuth 2.0 is an industry-standard protocol for authorization that allows users to grant third-party applications access to the user’s protected data and resources (more information on the standard can be found here).

In the case of ON!Track Unite, an external application needs to access ON!Track via API to write, read, edit, or delete data on behalf of an ON!Track user. For that to happen successfully, the user needs to authorize that external application to access the ON!Track account and manage the data following the OAuth2.0 protocol. This protocol allows external applications to both request the access token and use it to make API calls (the token needs to be sent with every API call to successfully identify the application and authorize it to access user data).

By following the OAuth2.0 protocol, no user names or passwords need to be communicated between the applications that, instead, relies on unique Client ID and Client Secret for authorizing the API calls and data exchanges.

Onboarding for ON!Track customers

We are happy that you are considering integrating ON!Track with other applications you use. There are a couple of things you need to be aware of before being onboarded. First, the API endpoints and the integrated applications presented in this hub work only for ON!Track generation 3 (ontrack3.hilti.com). Second, the activation of ON!Track Unite can be requested as an add-on to ON!Track.

Requesting ON!Track Unite If you are an ON!Track customer and would like to activate the ON!Track Unite add-on, or you are not yet a customer and need information, your local Hilti representative is happy to support. The contacts to the Hilti teams in different countries are found in this page.

If you already are an ON!Track Unite customer and would like to start using the APIs, no matter if you intend to build an integration by yourself or want to use a built-for-you integration, you first need to use the credentials you received to obtain the API access token (see below).

Onboarding for software companies

Software companies that would like to integrate an application with ON!Track to offer it as a Built-for-you integration need to get in touch with us by using the form present in the (partnership page). Please give us some background information on your company, why an integration with ON!Track makes sense, and explain the use cases you have in mind. We are always happy to discuss future opportunities for an integration.

Getting your API client credentials

If you are already an ON!Track Unite customer and want to be able to connect your developer instance to ON!Track, please follow the steps below:


  1. Login to your ON!Track Tenant via Web (to log in to ON!Track 3 click here.)
  2. Click on “Company Settings” (from the top right hand corner of the page)
  3. Within the “Company Settings” page, click on the ‘API Access’ section
  4. Here you see the Client ID, Client secret, and User name of the technical user
  5. Click on the ‘Get Credentials’ button to get your Password of the technical user
Credential access Only tenant admins have the right to access the API credentials for the specific tenant. Also, Hilti is not able to access your credentials so a password reset is self service only, due to privacy and security policies. Be aware that when clicking the 'Get Credentials' button, a new password is generated and the old one is no longer valid and it needs to be changed in the API connector.