ON!Track Unite, our offering of software integration products and services, makes using ON!Track even more efficient and seamless. Bring productivity to new heights by unifying data from multiple sources, increasing data quality and consistency, and automating processes involving ON!Track and other software.

In this Hub you find all the information on ON!Track Unite and what you need to know for integrating with ON!Track, the cloud-based equipment management solution by Hilti. In the following sections we provide guidance and information for integrations that you intend to build by your own, as well as tutorials on the integrations that have been built-for-you.

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ON!Track Unite

ON!Track Unite is an ever-expanding offering of modern and easy-to-use products and services for API-based software integration. It is built with the productivity and automation needs of ON!Track customers in mind, as well as the pain points of the developers in customer and partner organizations.

Unite Benefits

Being an add-on to ON!Track that expands its core functionalities with software integration capabilities, the goal of ON!Track Unite is to help ON!Track users to boost their productivity and reduce the complexity of working with increasingly many applications. This goal can be achieved by building expansions on top of existing ON!Track functionalities and/or automating the business processes involving ON!Track and other applications.

Requesting ON!Track Unite If you are an ON!Track customer and would like to activate the ON!Track Unite add-on, or you are not yet a customer and need information, your local Hilti technical representative is happy to support. Beta testing phase This hub and the API for ON!Track generation 3 are new and in the beta-testing phase. We offer the possibility to a restricted number of users to try this offering before it is officially released. We are happy to hear your suggestions, questions, or feedback on how we are doing (here).

Hilti ON!Track

Since 1941, at Hilti we have been creating products, services, and software to help our customers build faster, safer, greener, and with more daring. With that legacy in mind, we have created the construction asset management solution ON!Track that delivers transparency on tools and equipment (regardless of manufacturer).

Hilti ON!Track is a leading global solution specifically designed for construction companies and professionals for managing and tracking equipment, consumables, and other assets. While helping to reduce operational and overhead costs, using Hilti ON!Track brings more clarity and efficiency to any construction business. 

ON!Track is a complete tool tracking and asset management solution made up by a three-part system: it combines a cloud-based software (desktop and mobile app) with the use of rugged hardware (tags, gateways, etc.) and of dedicated service, support, and implementation team. 

OT3 Triangle

Available globally, this professional solution helps manage all construction assets and equipment, regardless of the manufacturer. The software makes it easy to track and search for assets to minimize losses, to maintain inventory lists quickly and easily, and to get automated alerts as reminders for repairs, servicing, and inspections. It also has a powerful module to manage consumables and commodities with functionalities ranging from stock level monitoring to replenishment proposals.

OnTrack Overview

ON!Track is a cloud-based application that is available not only in a desktop version but also as a mobile app both for Android and iOS devices.

More information on Hilti ON!Track can be found here, to log in to ON!Track click here.

Integration use cases

We are continuously expanding our offering by adding new API endpoints and improving existing ones. The description you find below is for the two most common integration use cases currently offered, the syncing of master data and the exporting of transfer data. The following picture gives a representation of the high-level integration data flows currently supported.


Less manual effort to update applications

Thanks to the read and write of the master data from/to external systems, the data of assets, location, and workers can be automatically and effortlessly synced among different apps. Master data for assets, locations, and employees are synced between ON!Track and another application, this applies to both the initial item creation and the following edits. With this use case you no longer need to copy/paste large amounts of static data, and everything is always updated.

More accurate job costing through ERP integration

With the possibility to read the asset transfer data, the timestamps of when assets change their current location as well as the details of the locations are exported via API. They can then be used in other software (typically construction ERP systems) to calculate the time an asset is on a given jobsite and, for example, correctly allocate asset costs, create accurate invoices, or simply track time at a given location.

Discover more use cases Available API endpoints support many more workflows that you can freely implement in the integration. Refer to the API documentation to discover more on what's possible with the currently available endpoints.

Integration scenarios

ON!Track Unite is designed to support two main scenarios based on the purpose of the integration and the software to be integrated with ON!Track. In both cases, the integrations are based upon the API published on this hub.


Customers build integrations in-house by leveraging the ON!Track Unite API (or source a 3rd party vendor to do so). The integration is tailored to the specific customers’ needs and the applications they use. Build-your-own integrations are meant to be used internally by the customer organizations that develop them and are typically not sold to other parties.


Software companies leverage the available ON!Track Unite API to build an integration between ON!Track and the application they develop (or distribute) to create a seamless experience for the shared users. Such integrations are typically standardized, and limited in terms of customization possibilities.

The customer base of these companies typically overlaps to some extent with that of ON!Track, and offering the two applications pre-integrated have many benefits for the customers and the two companies. In this case, the integration is offered as a “plug-and-play” solution and it is meant to be made available or sold to multiple customers. The available integrations are listed in the Built-for-you marketplace section.

What’s new

The whole ON!Track Unite hub is brand new, and so are the API endpoints for ON!Track generation 3; both are currently in the beta-testing phase. A notification will be published here when the beta-testing finishes, as well as when new API or versions become available. The detailed release notes are found together with the API documentation.

In the most recent release, we added these APIs and functionalities:

  • Asset geolocation: it is now possible to get the “last-seen-at” location of assets, in the form of GPS coordinates or confirmed location by a gateway, so you can automate the allocation of assets in given jobsites or warehouses
  • Quantity items catalog and allocations sync: Sync with ON!Track the catalog of the quantity items (consumables and commodities) that your company uses and allocate them in different places in ON!Track via API
  • Quantity items stock management: there is a set of API endpoints to change the stock levels of quantity items, mark them as consumed, as well as read the stock level history. This will be particularly helpful for accounting and invoicing and to improve warehouse management
  • Transfer filters: it is now possible to filter the list of transfers and get a subset of the whole transfer list based on the transfer dates

What’s coming

We are constantly working on expanding the offering of ON!Track Unite API endpoints. The ones that we are working on and will be released soon are:

  • Asset IoT data with Nuron: Nuron is an all-new cordless platform that radically simplifies work on construction sites, enhances tool park management, drives performance to much higher levels and improves operator health protection. Nuron is based on a single battery system that covers all relevant applications from light- to heavy-duty. Utilization, idle time, and other IoT asset data are collected via the battery and automatically uploaded to the Hilti cloud. From there, data and the relative insights are shown in ON!Track and will also be openly available with dedicated APIs!
  • Transfer import: we will offer the possibility to perform transfers in ON!Track when triggered from an external system; therefore, the asset’s current location will be updated accordingly
  • Asset service/maintenance: we will introduce a series of new endpoints for syncing the asset’s service or maintenance dates and details
  • Documentation and attachments: export and import via API of attachements, picures, and documentation
  • General improvements: various enhancements to the currently available API to improve their usability and scope

Please get in touch with us if you have some feedback or suggestions on this roadmap and in case of need of additional endpoints.

Structure of this hub

All the resources published on this hub are found by navigating the taskbar on the left hand-side of this page.

First, discover if the software you use is among the existing integrations in the Built-for-you marketplace, along with additional information; stay tuned, we keep adding new built-for-you integrations to the marketplace.

The Guides offer a deep dive into the APIs and on relevant ON!Track functionalities to better understand how they fit together in developing an integration.

Proceed to the Get started to read on how to request the API tokens, get onboarded on ON!Track Unite, and test the integration.

API documentation presents all the available ON!Track Unite API endpoints, we suggest to visit this section regularly as we add new endpoints on a regular basis; the delivery notes are also shown here.

We are constantly expanding ON!Track Unite offering and this hub as holistic as possible, but if you have any doubts and need help, please reach out the Help center or contact us with the dedicated form.

Important legal documents related to ON!Track Unite are found in the Terms and conditions section.