Get Started
Get Started
Begin by using one of the standard Built-for-You integrations or Build-your-Own customized integration.

In this Hub you find all the information on ON!Track Unite API, the integration marketplace, and what you need to know for integrating with ON!Track, the leading cloud-based equipment management solution by Hilti.

ON!Track Unite is designed to support two integration scenarios based on the purpose of the integration and the software to be integrated with ON!Track. In both cases, the integrations are based upon the open API published here We provide guidance both for integrations that you intend to build by your own and tutorials on the integrations that have been built-for-you.


Customers get a standard, pre-coded integration between ON!Track and the integrations listed in the marketplace.
Software companies leverage the available ON!Track Unite API to build an integration between ON!Track and the application they develop (or distribute) to create a seamless experience for mutual users. Such integrations are typically standardized, and limited in terms of customization possibilities. The customer base of these companies typically overlaps to some extent with that of ON!Track, and offering the two applications pre-integrated have many benefits for the customers and the two companies. In this case, the integration is offered as a “plug-and-play” solution and it is meant to be made available or sold to multiple customers. The available integrations are listed in the Built-for-you marketplace section.


Customers build integrations in-house by leveraging the ON!Track Unite API (or source a 3rd party vendor to do so). The integration is tailored to the specific customers’ needs and the applications they use. Build-your-own integrations are meant to be used internally by the customer organizations that develop them and are typically not sold to other parties.