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Beeworx is an expert in the development and integration of ON!Track interfaces with 15 years of IT experience. They offer tailor-made solutions that are specifically adapted to the individual needs and requirements of their customers.

The three main advantages of collaborating with Beeworx are:

  • Efficiency improvement: Through improved workflows and communication between systems, Beeworx enables a more efficient use of resources.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Beeworx offers adaptable and expandable interface solutions that consider future requirements and growth.
  • Long-term Support: Beeworx provides continuous support and optimization of your interface solution to ensure it remains current and efficient.

Integration use cases

  • Master data exchange with other systems: Beeworx enables integration of ON!Track with ERP systems such as SAP. This allows for automatic exchange of master data, which improves the efficiency of workflows and reduces the need for manual duplication of work.
  • Process optimization: By exchanging movement data from ON!Track into a device billing solution, Beeworx enables an optimization of cost accounting processes. This minimizes the manual effort of writing delivery notes and manually charging cost centers, as every movement of a tool is recorded.
  • Data exchange with Health and Safety Software: Beeworx enables the integration of ON!Track with certificate management systems like EASI Control. This ensures that it can be verified whether employees have the appropriate qualifications and certificates when they regularly work with certain tools.
  • Data provisioning for reporting and data analysis: Beeworx enables the integration of ON!Track with ERP and BI tools to create a comprehensive database for detailed reports and analysis. This data can help gain insights into tool usage, workflow efficiency, and employee qualifications, and can contribute to strategic decision-making.
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