Construction project documentation
DIGI the butler
Austria and Germany
Integration by Partner


  • Manage all your projects securely and paperless. All processes, agendas and documents are handled digitally and filed systematically in the project
  • This structured communication between office and construction site saves time and costs. Moreover, it ensures that all project members are always up to date..
  • The integration of ON!Track and DIGI – the Butler saves time by avoiding duplicate and manual entries. It makes it easy to manage projects’ tools and equipment.
  • Users can plan their resources and tools, document and manage their projects, create and send photos, defect reports, as well as handover bills quickly and digitally

Integration use cases

  • Create and edit employee data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track
  • Create and edit project data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track
  • Sync asset data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track.
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