Stay up-to-date with new releases and get an outlook on exciting future functionalities.


In the most recent releases, we added these APIs and functionalities:

  • Asset geolocation: It is now possible to get the “last-seen-at” location of assets, in the form of GPS coordinates or confirmed location by a gateway, so you can automate the allocation of assets in given jobsites or warehouses
  • Asset service: Users can now retrieve via API all the open services assigned to an asset, and close services via API
  • Asset costing: All asset’s API endpoints now feature the asset cost type and value (also for asset with a template)
  • Quantity items catalog and allocations sync: Sync with ON!Track the catalog of the quantity items (consumables and commodities) that your company uses and assign them in different allocations in ON!Track via API
  • Quantity items stock management: There is a set of API endpoints to change the stock levels of quantity items, mark them as consumed, as well as read the stock level. This is particularly helpful for accounting and invoicing and to improve warehouse management.
  • Transfer filters: It is now possible to filter the list of transfers and get a subset of the whole transfer list based on the transfer dates
  • Transfer Import: External systems can trigger ON!Track’s asset and quantity items transfer, and potentially automate the transfer process.
  • Sandbox: Ensuring that developers at customer and partner companies can reliably test the integration before going live in production
  • Enhanced Unite Hub: Improvised and enhanced user experience with the new Unite Hub and Developer Portal
  • Storage assets: Make it easier to get storage asset details, create, update, and transfer storage assets via API
  • Documentation and attachments: Export and import via API of attachments and documentation


We are constantly working on expanding the ON!Track Unite’s offering; those listed below are exciting innovations we may bring in the future.

  • Asset IoT data with Nuron: Nuron is an all-new cordless platform that radically simplifies work on construction sites, enhances tool park management, drives performance to much higher levels and improves operator health protection. Nuron is based on a single battery system that covers all relevant applications from light- to heavy-duty. Utilization, idle time, and other IoT asset data are collected via the battery and automatically uploaded to the Hilti cloud. From there, data and the relative insights are shown in ON!Track and some will also be openly available with dedicated APIs!
  • Asset service/maintenance: Introduce a series of new endpoints for syncing the asset’s service or maintenance dates and details
  • General improvements:Various enhancements to the currently available API to improve their usability and scope, for example with event notification techniques
  • Geolocation import:Allowing external software and devices to write geolocation coordinates of assets in ON!Track
  • Multiple integrations:ensuring an easy and convenient way to connect ON!Track with more than one application

Please get in touch with us if you have some feedback or suggestions on this roadmap and in case of need of additional endpoints.