Known limitations

Known Limitations

We acknowledge that there are some minor aspects of the Unite offering that needs improvement. We are aware of such limitations of the current offering, and we are constantly working on improving and fixing them as soon as possible. If you find any other limitations that we shall work on and if you want to urgently request a missing feature, do not hesitate to contact us here.


  • Some error codes might still return generic error messages and no detailed business validations
  • Only ONE technical user can be created per tenant, so only one external system shall write data
  • Some administrative endpoints (e.g units, asset groups) are not yet supported via API calls, we provide basic references on this developer portal
  • The maximum size of a page for the GET calls is either 250 or 500 items, it will be harmonized
  • The technical user is shown among the ON!Track users, and if it gets deleted the API will no longer work
  • It is not possible to query any items with the External ID
  • It is not possible to up- or download attachments, pictures, and documentation via API
  • If the transfer list is requested, we recommend to use filters e.g. a date interval of the last month as the request could time-out in case on too many transfers. We are constantly working on further performance improvements of our endpoints


  • Assets with smart tags cannot be created or edited via API
  • Storage Assets are currently not fully supported via API and shall also not be used in tenants with UNITE activated
  • Datafields controlled by templates cannot be edited via API

Quantity items

  • The consumption history is shown per Location by consumed Quantity-items and by the transfer list
  • A restocking history is not available


  • Transfers can only be consumed, not triggered by the API
  • Transfer charge date for limited transfers is not implemented
  • Canceled transfers are not flagged explicitly in the API
  • If confirm delivery functionality is enabled as mandatory or optional, the transfer API is not returning the confirmation date of the Assets / Quantity-items