Getting started

How can I request the activation of ON!Track?

Please get in touch with your local Hilti representative, or request a consultation from the Hilti website.

How can get ON!Track Unite?

ON!Track Unite is an add-on to ON!Track that can be requested to your local Hilti representative.

What is the difference between built-for-you and build-your-own integrations?

Built-for-you integrations are connectors that are built by Hilti or its partners and made available to any customer requesting them. They are ready to be configured and used without any coding required. On the other hand, build-your-onw integrations are coded by ON!Track customers or by their IT vendor and can be customized to fulfill specific customer needs and match with their digital ecosystem.

Do you offer off-the-shelf integrations with other software?

Yes, visit our built-for-you marketplace to get the whole list of the readily available integration and their details. If the software you use is not among these in the marketplace, or you’d like to customize the integration flows and use cases, you can leverage the API to build a customized integration.

What does an “Integration by Hilti” mean?

It means that the integration was built and is supported by Hilti.

What does an “Integration by partner” mean?

It means that the integration was built and is supported by an Hilti partner, the contact details are found in the dedicated marketplace’s entry.

Are there fees for using Built-for-you integrations?

There may be some fees required to activate and/or use the integrations listed in the marketplace. The Hilti or partner representative will be able to provide additional details.

General issues with ON!Track Unite

The integration stopped to work or I get an error message, what shall I do?

In case that the integration used to work but no longer does so, please get in touch with our support team.

The API access token does not work, what shall I do?

Please get in touch with our support team.

What are the hours for Support?

It depends on the country where you are calling from, please visit the support page for more details.

I have general questions or feedback on the ON!Track Unite, how can I get an answer?

Please fill out the form you find on the first page of the help center (form).

I would like to request a new API endpoint, how can I do that?

Please fill out the form you find on the first page of the help center (form).

The data I enter in ON!Track keep being cancelled or edited

Probably there is an issue with the editing workflows in the connector, refer to this tutorial.

Information on the API

How do I request credentials for production?

They can be requested to your local Hilti representative and they are shown in the “Company Setting” of your ON!Track account.

How can I test the API?

We recommend to use Postman.

How long will an endpoint API stay active for?

For at least 15 months, more information is found in the API lifecycle page.

What is the deprecation policy?

Refer to the dedicated section.

How can I get notified when a new version of the API is upcoming?

Notification will be posted in this developer hub. Release notes

Does ON!Track offer IP addresses whitelisting?


Is it possible to convert from ON!TRack API JSON to another file format like CSV?

Yes, the API connector would have to handle the mapping / conversion logic and further process the data (e.g. from JSON to CSV and upload to a FTP server).

What security standards are used by Hilti

  • SSL encryption.
  • WAF (web application firewall) for e.g XSS-prevention, SQL-injection.
  • API-Gateway incl. load balancing, that clarifies authentication / authorization with IDM and supports throttling.

Where can I find an overview on the latest features

Please have a look at out Release notes log.

For the moment, we only offer one set of API credentials that are sufficient to connect with one external application only. However, we are working on changing that limit and allow more external applications to be connected with ON!Track.