Built-for-you marketplace

What is a Built-for-you integration? It is a readily available integration with an external software. Simply get in touch with Hilti or with our partners to get the build-for-you integration activated and start using it, with no coding needed! All the currently available integrations are listed below; but stay tuned, the list keep expanding!


Trimble Construction One - Vista
Canada and United States
Integration by Hilti and Trimble
  • Trimble Construction One connects planning, doing, and managing of construction projects to get the right information at the right time for the right decisions with a purpose-built Connected Construction Management platform.
  • Vista - part of the Trimble Construction One platform - is an industry leading construction ERP system. Vista enables the seamless centralization of information with complete visibility, providing secure, fully interactive data across your organization.
Integration use cases
  • Integrated Trimble Viewpoint ERP automatically allocates tool utilization and costs to job costs.
  • Critical information for employees and tools are entered once, eliminating duplicate work and hand-entry errors.
  • Accurate tool costs and utilization remove “guesstimate” tool allowances from job costs.
  • Accurate cost reporting improves competitiveness of bids.

Project Management

Integration by Hilti
  • Fieldwire is the #1 construction management app with over 1,000,000+ construction projects who trust Fieldwire to run efficient field operations.
  • Fieldwire was acquired by Hilti with the aim of combining Fieldwire’s best-in-class product with Hilti’s world famous brand to reach new customers and help them drive productivity in their field operations.
  • The integration between ON!Track and Fieldwire saves you time by avoiding duplicate manual entries and threby increasing productivity.
Integration use cases
  • Sync of Fieldwire’s users data into ON!Track’s workers (users).
  • Sync of Fieldwire’s projects data into ON!Track’s locations (jobsites).

Project Management

Integration by Hilti
  • Procore is an all-in-one construction management software built to help you finish quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget.
  • The integration between ON!Track and Procore saves you time by avoiding duplicate manual entries and giving visibility to the project’s equipment.
Integration use cases
  • Sync of Procore’s users data into ON!Track’s workers (users).
  • Sync of Procore’s projects data into ON!Track’s locations (jobsites).
  • Sync of ON!Track’s asset transfer data into Procore’s projects daily notes.


Germany, France
Integration by Innovation Partner
  • BRZ is the European specialist for organization and information technology in the building sector. We are supporting the building trade and construction industry by offering management consulting, an integrative construction software and outsourcing services.
  • By using the integrated solution with ON!Track, you can save time and avoid incorrect manual entries or missing information.
  • The integraton in BRZ allows you prompt accounting of equipment costs and an efficient construction site controlling.
Integration use cases
  • Sync BRZ equipment and goods to ON!Track's assets, commodities and consumables.
  • Sync BRZ warehouses and jobsites to ON!Track's locations.
  • Getting ON!Track's asset transfers for internal rental accounting and external billing.


Trackunit (coming soon)
Integration by Innovation Partner
  • Trackunit is the leading SaaS-based IoT solution and machine insights provider to the global construction equipment industry.
  • Trackunit collects and analyzes machine data in real-time to deliver actionable, proactive and predictive information, empowering customers with data-driven foresight.
  • Hilti and Trackunit entered a strategic partnership to advance digital transformation in the construction industry. The partnership is focused on bringing global scale to the tool and equipment connectivity domain.
  • The partnership is a joint ambition to increase productivity and eliminate downtime in the industry. It also marks a new digitalization frontier in construction focusing on tools and equipment.
Integration use cases
  • Tools registered in Hilti’s ON!Track system can be viewed on the Trackunit platform, while assets and heavy machinery equipped with Trackunit hardware can be viewed in ON!Track.
  • Data insights are made available across the two platforms in real time.

Sales contact support@trackunit.com
Support contact support@trackunit.com
Website www.trackunit.com

Supply Chain Access Control

BoxLock Control (coming soon)
Australia, Canada, Europe, United States
Integration by Partner
  • BoxLock is the leading supply chain access control platform, providing access control, inventory management and audit logging capabilities.
  • BoxLock solutions help increase job site productivity, accountability and security while reducing downtime.
  • The integration between On!Track and BoxLock enables the capabilities for BoxLock's security devices to be used as access control for On!Track Employee badges and dynamic assignments of Tools and Assets.
Integration use cases
  • Employee Badge ID and Scan Code can be used to open BoxLock devices.
  • Intrusion Detection and Geo-Fencing is available to locate Tools and Assets.

Sales contact sales@boxlock.io
Support contact support@boxlock.io
Website www.boxlock.io


Construction project documentation

DIGI the butler (coming soon)
Austria and Germany
Integration by Partner
  • Manage all your projects securely and paperless. All processes, agendas and documents are handled digitally and filed systematically in the project.
  • This structured communication between office and construction site saves time and costs. Moreover, it ensures that all project members are always up to date.
  • Users can plan their resources and tools, document and manage their projects, create and send photos, defect reports, as well as handover bills quickly and digitally.
  • The integration of ON!Track and DIGI – the Butler saves time by avoiding duplicate and manual entries. It makes it easy to manage projects’ tools and equipment.
Use cases
  • Create and edit employee data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track.
  • Create and edit project data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track.
  • Sync asset data between DIGI – the Butler and ON!Track.


Sales contact m.koeck@digu.at (Mr. Michael Köck)
Support contact support@digu.at
Website www.digu.at


Time, equipment, and vehicle tracking

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands
Integration by Partner
  • geoCapture offers cloud solutions in the areas of tool location, vehicle location, mobile time tracking, digital forms, resource planning and tour planning.
  • The integration of ON!Track and geoCapture saves you time by avoiding duplicate manual entries and makes it easy to locate and manage tools and equipment.
Integration use cases
  • Sync of employee, location, and asset master data between ON!Track and Geocapture.
  • Locating ON!Track smart tags via geoCapture mobile vehicle gateways.
  • Increased tool park visibility thanks to geolocation data.



Czech Republic and Slovakia
Integration by Partner
  • HELIOS iNuvio is one of the most widespread ERP for mid-sized businesses in central/eastern Europe.
  • The integration between ON!Track and Helios saves you time by avoiding duplicate manual entries and makes accurate accounting and billing of internal tool rental easier than ever.
  • First Information Systems offers top software solutions for modern companies especially in the construction industry, transport and logistics and production same as the integration of ON!Track with Helios.
Use cases
  • Sync of HELIOS‘s user data into ON!Track‘s workers (users).
  • Sync of HELIOS‘s projects data into ON!Track‘s locations (jobsites).
  • Accounting and billing of your internal tool rental invoices (based on asset transfers).


Sales contact nosreti@firstis.eu
Support contact info@firstis.eu
Website www.firstis.eu


Nevaris Finance
Austria, Germany, and Switzerland
Integration by Partner
  • Nevaris' 200 employees work on a highly user-friendly and highly customizable construction ERP.
  • The integration between ON!Track and Nevaris allows the transfer data to start and end billing of equipment on jobsites.
  • The highly customizable connector allow each customer to adjust the integration according to their needs.
Integration use cases
  • Automatic import and sychronisation of assets, locations/projects, workers, and quantity items in Nevaris to ON!Track.
  • Automatic export of transfer data in ON!Track to Nevaris.

Sales contact sales@nevaris.com
Support contact support.finance@nevaris.com
Website www.nevaris.com

Purchasing and Material Management

StructShare (coming soon)
Australia, Canada, and United States
Integration by Partner
  • StructShare is a fully digital purchasing and materials management solution.
  • Designed for specialty contractors and self-performing GCs connecting the field, office, warehouse, and suppliers into a single app that streamlines the entire purchasing cycle.
  • Automating field requisitions, approval flows, PO processing, request for quotes and invoice reconciliation.
Integration use cases
  • Sync users, locations and catalog.
  • Avoid double entry: update On!Track stock once an order is confirmed in the warehouse or job site.
  • Keep inventory intact: indicated consumed materials from StructShare as a stock modification.
  • Automatically fill inventory: alert minimum stock on StructShare and automatically create replenishment request.
  • Document every purchase: Sync purchase order data from StructShare purchasing to On!Track.

Sales contact Sales@StructShare.com
Support contact Support@StructShare.com
Website www.structshare.com

General Data Analysis

Canada and United States
Integration by Partner
  • Eliminate barriers to data access and reporting.
  • Blend asset data with other data sources such as finance or project data to get insights when you need them.
  • Use Toric data automations for real-time reports created for a stakeholders specific needs.
Integration use cases
  • Automate your data ingestion and use the latest data in your existing reporting such as in PowerBI or use Toric’s native interactive Data Apps.
  • Blend asset data with ERP data such as billing data to track which equipment is being billed across projects.
  • Analyze trends in asset data across projects with historical records.

Sales contact sales@toric.com
Support contact support@toric.com
Website www.toric.com
Integration support Hilti provides and supports all integrations marked as "by Hilti", whereas the integrations marked as "by Partner" or "by Innovation partner" are built and supported by Hilti partners.